Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DYK - Why Women Have Long Hair

I ask myself questions sometimes, and my most recent question was, “Why do women wear their hair long, and men their hair short?” And then I wondered, “If it hasn’t always been this way, what was the cause for change?” Because I knew at one point haircuts weren’t really something cavemen (and women) thought about, so everybody’s hair was long. This is how things had to have been at one point. This is a given. So what changed?

In reading and reading and reading about this subject (Why? I really don’t know. I guess it was sort of a waste of time, but who cares. It was a fun process), the only conclusion I could really come to was that the history of hair varies by culture.

In Ancient Greece, for example, whether male or female you wore your hair long if you were rich and you shaved you your head if you were a slave. In the Old Testament, hair is a sign of strength (a la the story of Samson). Somehow over the years, it became culturally solidified that long hair was more feminine than short hair.

Over the course of the last thousand years or so, there have been fads and political statement and fashions that all directly resulted in the norms about hair being flipped on their head, so to speak.

So in short, there’s no real answer to the damn question, which has made me sort of upset. The answer is, basically, it’s just the way it’s sort of always been. Somewhere along the line someone thought long hair looked feminine, and there ya go. It’s sort of the way it’s been ever since.

So… yeah… sort of a waste of my time. But who cares. It was a fun process.

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