Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 5 Unvisited U.S. Cities

For those of you excited to see what ridiculous things the Road Trip crew visits this summer, check back in Mid-June. We’re heading straight up Michigan this year, through the Upper Peninsula, then back down through Wisconsin. The theme this year: Runnin’ Wild. How awesome is that?

As plans for Road Trip 2009 get finalized, I can’t help but find myself really itching for a bit of travel. Along with friends, my brother and I have seen an extremely delightful portion of the middle of this country, but anything west of Omaha, east of Cleveland, or south of Memphis still has yet to be graced with my presence. This, of course, leads to today’s Top Five—American cities I have not yet visited but would most like to.

#5 – Washington DC – Just about every single person my age was taken to Washington D.C. as an eighth grader, yet somehow my brother and I were left out of this particular rite of passage. I want to see the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, and all that other good stuff. I know it’s probably a generally unexciting trip, but I’m a history nerd. I dig that sort of thing.

#4 – New Orleans – I fully understand that outside of the French Quarter, “Nawlins” is a mess, but there’s a mystique to the city that has always made me long for a visit. The food, the music, the architecture—it’s all so uniquely New Orleans. I really need to go, even if just for a long weekend.

#3 – San Diego – After having visited San Francisco last year during Spring Break, my wife and I fell in love with California, and from what we understand San Diego rivals San Fran as California’s most beautiful city. I’ve got a cousin out there who loves it, and plus there’s that awesome zoo.

#2 – New York City – It’s huge. There’s so much to do there. And I know it’s expensive to have fun in NYC, but between Ellis Island, the Statue of Lib, and Times Square, there’s more icons there than I’d know what to do with. Add in all the shows, restaurants, and homeless people and you’ve got yourself a vacation.

#1 – Boston – There’s no reason for me to be this infatuated with a city I’ve never seen, but just knowing it’s the oldest major city in the county intrigues me. Plus, Salem is close, Plymouth Rock is close, and Lexington & Concord is close. There’s so much history there. Plus, my grandpa Brigham grew up like 45 minutes west of Boston, even giving me even more reasons to get out there and sniff around a little bit.

Curiously Left Out:

Los Angeles – My wife wants to see Hollywood more than anything, but L.A. doesn’t really hold much appeal to me. I’d absolutely go, but it’s a bit to smarmy for me.

Honolulu – Hawaii is supposed to be beautiful, and I’d actually really love to go, but because it’s so ridiculously expensive I’d rather spend my money on more attainable goals. Hawaii is like the hot chick you know you’ll never get, so you aim lower to maintain your happiness. For the record, I married my Hawaii, so I’ll also assume this vacation will happen eventually.

Las Vegas – I don’t gamble and I don’t like strip clubs. What other reason do I have for Vegas? Plus, I’m scheduled to make my first trip there this summer to cover the NBA summer league. So I’ll get a gander at it then.

Philadelphia – I actually really want to go for Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and, most importantly, to run up the Art Museum steps to the theme song of “Rocky,” but beyond that I’ve found that there’s really not much to do in Philly. You could spend about half a day there without getting bored. I’ll go to do what I want to do, but it doesn’t crack the Top Five.

There are probably great cities I’m just not thinking about right now, but these five are the ones I think most about when Wifey and I or Brother and I talk about doing a bit of traveling. It’ll take me a lifetime to get through everything I want to get through, but that’s why there’s so much to see. I don’t want to retire and have nothing left to see, right?


AdamH said...

Minneapolis is the Beeznass!

Nick Ponton said...

I was one of those that went on the 8th grade trip to DC and at the time, I could have cared less. We went to all the places you mentioned minus the White House...we were given the option, but everyone was more interested in getting back to the hotel to go swimming. D.C. is on my list of one of the places I want to go again...I have a much better appreciation of the city and the history and would like a second chance to take it all in.

A few years ago, my brother and I took a weekend trip to NYC to see a Yankees game before the Stadium was torn down. His wife bought him the baseball tickets as an anniversary present, but she didn't want to go to the game, so she gave the second one to me. Between the two of us, we probably spent less than $700 for airfare, cabs, hotel, and food. We had a blast just walking around Times Square and that was the majority of our trip. We did take the subway down to Ground Zero, but that was the only other thing we did. We're now planning another trip to the New Yankee Stadium..this time with the wife and see more of the city...especially the culinary side of it.

Extreme Brigs said...

He-Man: I've been to Minny... it was okay. We got lost trying to get the hell out of there. Highways weren't marked as well as we'd like :)

And Nick, that sounds awesome... Kyle and I are hoping to get to all thirty ballparks before it's all said and done. We're doing Detroit this summer and that'll make 9 of 30. Still a long way to go, but a whole lifetime to get there... New York is definitely high on the list...

Nick Ponton said...

I live about an hour and half from Comerica Park...we went last year for a Sox game and the park is awesome. My family is coming up in July to see a game. I think it's going to be my niece's first baseball game.

My girlfriend and I talking about either going to Cleveland or Toronto for a game this year. I'm not quite as far along as you are. I've seen three of the current 30 (I've also been to Old Yankee Stadium, Comiskey, and Busch)