Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 10 Baseball Hats

Allow me to preface this week’s list by saying that the best hats in baseball have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I like that team. Some of the top finishers are organizations I can’t stand. I’d endure long conversations with Paris Hilton about fashion and Purse Chihuahuas before I’d ever be caught dead in a Yankees cap, for example. So take this for what it’s worth, and enjoy baseball season now that it’s finally gotten underway!

#10 – Oakland A’s – I can think of so few times in the history of professional sports where green worked effectively. It does for the Athletics of Oakland.

#9 – Chicago White Sox – So what if they’re my favorite team? I love the logo and the black-and-white color scheme empowers me (and matches everything). Good guys wear black!

#8 – Chicago Cubs (1914) – So what if they’re my least favorite team? The modern day hat gives me nausea just being in the same room as a person wearing it, but this old Cubby Bear logo is rather quaint. I dig the simplicity of it.

#7 – Washington Senators (1960s) – I could probably just as easily give this spot to today’s Washington Nationals, but the hat doesn’t match the rest of their uniform. Why award the throwback when the original started the trend?

#6 – Detroit Tigers – Both hats are gorgeous, but I like the orange “D” a little better than the white one. I’ve always had a soft spot for Old English fonts, and it works for Los Tigres.

#5 – St. Louis Cardinals – Nobody does all-red like the Cardinals, and their infamous “STL” logo is classic. I wanted to put the old St. Louis Browns hat on this list too, but it’s essentially the exact same hat substituting brown for red. Great hat.

#4 – Chicago White Sox (1917) – My love for the Sox and “The Field of Dreams” makes this simple hat one of my all-time favorites. The grey wool adds a little character to the whole ensemble, but the cool logo and the pinstripes are what make this hat work.

#3 – Boston Red Sox – The “B” is classic. I still have a hard time believing the team introduced an alternate cap this year to give their iconic noggin-toppers an occasional rest. Simple color scheme, cool oldschool font. Formula for success.

#2 – New York Yankees – Believe me, I hate, loathe, and abhor the Yanks, but no logo in the history of sports is more recognizable. It’s simple and classic, and great for all the same reasons Boston’s is, except Boston doesn’t have quite the championship history as New York.

#1 – Brooklyn Dodgers (1940s) – In my humble opinion, the most beautiful baseball hats in the history of the game. It’s a shame they had to move to LA and change everything up. But who doesn’t think of Jackie Robison when they see this hat? My favorite, hands-down.

On the Other End of the Spectrum

Pittsburgh Pirates (1970s) – Not only did this hat have horizontal yellow stripes, but it was box-shaped as well. Pee-yew!

Seattle Pilots (1960s) – Were the little wings on the bill necessary?

Chicago White Sox (1980s) – I love my Sox, but the 70s and 80s were dark days for the South Side of Chicago’s fashion sense. And yes, I own this hat anyway.

Milwaukee Brewers (1980s) – The “MB” glove logo is genius, but the finished product is overly colorful and cartoony. Fun hat, but ugly all the same.

I’m positive I’m forgetting a few winners (and losers) here, so feel free to weigh in with disagreements. For those of you that care nothing about baseball—what’s wrong with you?

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AdamH said...

i never realized there was an MB in the brewers hat...i still want a jersey that says Brewers in Spanish; "Cerveceros."