Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nice to Meet You #10 - Dave Coulier

If I were to ever meet any serious A-List celebrities my blog’s readership would probably increase exponentially. People care about A-List celebrities—the Brad Pitts, the Angelina Jolies, the Octomoms—but actors and musicians beyond that top tier only receive followings from devoted fans. As a child growing up with TGIF television, I was a devoted fan “Full House” and its cast.

Perhaps my favorite character on the show other than Baby Michelle was Joey (not “Uncle” Joey as is commonly misconceived), so when I got to meet Dave Coulier in college I just about lost it. And by “it” I mean bladder control.

Between the years of 2000 and 2004 one of the hottest trends on college performance circuits was bringing the semi-stars of the ‘80s to campuses to speak or sing or do standup or whatever it is that these people were doing for money at the time. I’m sure this idea will still be hot ten years from now, but it will be the little fat kid from “Two and a Half Men” or those little Zach and Cody’s.

But for me, on a delightful night my senior year of school, Coulier came through my university to do a standup comedy set. I worked sound for the student center, so it was my job to help make sure Joey had everything he needed over the course of the night. After his show—which featured all his “Full House” staples, including the Bullwinkle impression, the water sprinkler thing, and Popeye—our boss arranged a meet-and-greet, so he shot the crap with us and signed autographs and that whole deal. He was an extremely nice guy.

Seriously, exactly what you’d expect him to be, he was. Think Joey without the bad acting. Just a naturally, kind, middle-aged dude doing his thing. Zero trace of arrogance and just a real everyman feel about him. I know that sounded gay what I just said, but I’m not sure how else to say it. The fellah was a gent, what can I say?

Now, if he’d brought the Olsen Twins I could call this an A-List experience, but even without the big name I enjoyed the crap out my night with a childhood favorite.

Now I have to cut-it-out and get back to real life. Get it? Cut…It…Out…

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AdamH said...

i met his ass at NACA.