Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nice to Meet You #8 - Zach "Chuck" Levi

Meeting Donald Faison (a.k.a. Turk from “Scrubs”) at a party during All-Star weekend last month was pretty awesome, but what took my experience there to the next level was bumping into Zach Levi of “Chuck” fame. At the same party. While we were watching a private Katy Perry concert. Have I said enough times how awesome that weekend was for me?

I watched the performance with my two bosses, trying so hard to play things cool at a party that was clearly way beyond my cool level. Several lovely ladies scattered themselves about the courtyard—and by “lovely” I guess I mean horribly fake women with pounds of makeup on their face and breasts that are probably only about 12% genuine—each of which with some douchebag plastered to their “loveliness,” baseball hats cocked the side, dark jeans, blindingly white tennis shoes, popped collars. Has the picture been painted well enough?

We accidentally ended up in the front row for the Perry show because that was where we’d been congregating obliviously before it started. Once things got going we just drank up the ambience—celebs, free drinks, music—and had ourselves a lovely time. While the lovely Girl-Kisser was up there wearing practically nothing, singing “Hot and Cold” and all those other delightfully bubblegum hits in her repertoire, I turned around to peep the scene and noticed “Chuck” a few rows behind me.

Turk had been so cool, and I was having such a great time and feeling so good, that I thought I’d introduce myself and strike up a conversation. Turns out Chuck was even cooler than Chocolate Bear.

After introducing myself—“Hi, Zach? Joel Brigham, nice to meet you, man”—I immediately found out he was a huge fan of the site. Writing for, I’ve bumped into several players who love what we do, but to know that other famous people are out there reading our stuff was really flattering. This guy’s a huge NBA fan and had played in the celebrity All-Star game earlier that day, so having a few ice breakers to talk with the dude ended up being a piece of cake.

To be honest, I had just hoped to hit him up, let him know I was a big fan, and maybe get a picture with the dude. But we ended up talking for about ten minutes. Levi’s an extremely down-to-earth dude, punctuated by the fact that he was wearing a cheap polo over a long-underwear shirt with a ratty ball cap turned backwards, and he explained to me how amazing his journey has been going from a virtual nobody to a bit part on “Less Than Perfect” to rising stardom as “Chuck.”

And, pretty amazingly, it turns out he and Katy Perry have been really good friends for a number of years. He was there to support her at the concert and catch up a little bit afterwards. Said what made them even closer friends was experiencing their biggest success at right around the same time.

I’ll say this—I never expected anybody with that level of fame to so ridiculously nice. I’ve met people from all walks of celebrity, and Zach Levi is probably the kindest one I’ve ever had the opportunity to chat with (“Saved by the Bell’s” Screech was probably the worst, but that’s another story for another day). When the discussion wrapped up he agreed to a picture, and I said goodbye to return to my bosses and catch the rest of the concert.

In that front row, I swear to God Katy Perry winked at me. And as cool as Chuck was, that had to have been the highlight of the night.


Diane said...

I've been following your blog for a a while now and it's cool to know you're a Chuck fan as well! It's awesome to hear that Zach seems like a genuinely nice guy. I really hope Chuck gets renewed for a 3rd season (*fingers crossed*).

Extreme Brigs said...

Thanks Diane! He was as cool as I say he was :) Thanks for reading!