Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nice to Meet You #5 - Donald Faison

Turk from “Scrubs” is one of those characters you just wish you could really know. Who doesn’t want a Chocolate Bear in their life? Considering the fact that I’ve always said I’d probably cast Zach Braff as Joel Brigham in the movie of my life (though since I’ve gained some weight I’ve been giving strong consideration to Kevin James), meeting Donald Faison was just that much cooler.

I bumped into him at a T-Mobile party during All-Star Weekend in Phoenix a few weeks ago, and it was sort of a haphazard introduction on my behalf. I had seen him mingling with some attractive young ladies and a handful of his guy buddies that were approximately 40% cooler than me on just about every level, and in my head I wondered if there was any possible way I could nonchalantly introduce myself into the conversation and immediately earn his respect. Nothing came to mind.

So, I gave up on that plan and just enjoyed the party. Meeting celebrities can be really fun, but if you force the issue you end up looking like a douchebag, and if Turk and I were ever going to be best friends, I needed him not to see me as a big bag of “d” from the very beginning. So I steered clear, played it cool.

Until I met up with him at the bar. I was getting drink refills for me and a friend, and as I pulled away from the counter with a beverage in each fist, I realized that Mr. Faison was to my immediate left. So, I pinched one plastic cup in between my forearm in stomach so I could shake the guy’s hand. I introduced myself and gave him a good solid handshake while feeling a little something wet and cold hit my chest.

“You’re spilling that all over your shirt,” Faison said in a totally Turk-y way. I checked my sweater and shrugged off the three little droplets of drink stain. We had a good laugh together as I set the drinks back on the counter. We laughed a little, cried a little, he touched my knee... (kidding, obviously).

I did my best to play it cool, but what can you do? He had played in the celebrity game earlier in the evening so I asked a few questions about that. He in turn wanted to know about my work, and the whole conversation lasted about three minutes. When I asked if he’d mind snapping a picture, he was really cool about it. Seemed genuinely flattered that I was a fan. The drink stains were pretty easy to Photoshop out.

Definitely a cool guy, and seems a lot like the characters you’ve seen him play on “Scrubs” and “Clueless.” It was a laid-back atmosphere at an exclusive-ish party, so it’s not like he was getting mobbed every two seconds, making me feel quite a bit less annoying for having taken up his time. I’m not a fanboy or anything, but he’s a favorite TV character of mine. How could I not make his acquaintance?

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