Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DYK - Old Wives' Tales

We’ve all heard these old wives’ tales growing up, but most of them end up being untrue. Here’s a list of some of the most common, including whether or not they hold any merit. I’m like Mythbusters Light this week.

Chewing gum does NOT take seven years to digest. While it’s true that gum is indigestible, it’s still waste and just flows through your system like anything else you eat that your body can’t use.

Hair does NOT grow back darker and thicker after it’s been shaved. Sure, hair creates the illusion of being thicker once cut, but that’s actually not the case. Hair is thicker at its base and more flexible when it’s long. So instead of seeing soft, flowing, thin tips of hair, a shaved surface is short, stubby, and sturdy. Think of it like a bamboo shoot; when long, it can blow in the wind, but when it’s short its less likely to move. It’s just an illusion, folks.

Hats do NOT cause baldness. If a man loses his hair, it’s because he was genetically predisposed to do so, not because he wore a hat. This is like saying, “Wearing orange scarves causes Downs Syndrome.” There’s just no connection.

You do NOT have to wait an hour after eating to go swimming. The belief is that if you don’t wait it out, you’ll get crazy cramps and drown, but there’s absolutely no truth to it. If you get any cramps it’s most likely from overexertion—the same sorts of cramps you’d get playing tennis or basketball. So eat, then swim, then eat again. You’ll be fine.

So there you go. Don’t waste your time on gobbledygook like what’s above. Swim, wear hats, shave. Life is meant for living, not waiting an hour before living. You know what I mean?

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AdamH said...

I ate, then drowned...wifey.