Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DDYK 12/13 - Diamond Engagement Rings are Horsecrap

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday and traveling safely. Here in Illinois we're getting douched with ice (Christmas Eve Eve Dinner with the in-laws tonight was entirely by candelight, and not by choice), which has sort of been a recurring theme here the last week or so. Just ridiculous weather, but hey, at least there'll be a white Christmas!

On to today's Daily Did-You-Know:

Here's something I wish I would've known before spending a great deal of my saving's on Amy's diamond engagement ring a couple years ago--diamond rings, and any engagement rings really, are just a clevel product of the media.

According to mentalfloss.com, nobody really bought engagement rings before the 1930s. I've wondered about this since my wife told me there were TWO rings necessary for a wedding and I spend the following days wandering the streets in confusion. It was in 1939 that the De Beers diamond company hired an ad agency to re-energize a struggling diamond market. They introduced the diamond engagment ring and the "Diamonds Are Forever" slogan that's made them so popular in the decades since. From there they put the rings on models in fashion magazines, which made all women want them. Sneaky, sneaky bastards.

So if you paid money for diamonds recently, you got ripped off. At least now you know why!

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