Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top 10 Arguments That Can't Be Won

Top 10 Arguments That Can't Be Won.

According to the guy that wrote this, at least. I think the answers are pretty easy. They are as follows:
  1. Evolution, clearly. But who's to say evolution isn't the result of an intelligent creator?
  2. Some combination of Nature AND Nurture
  3. Keep guns legal but limit the types of guns that can be owned
  4. A dying person's wishes should be honored, even if that means pulling the plug.
  5. For it. Sometimes death is the only acceptible punishment for a crime. Humans have doing this for year and it works just fine. You think the Mongols had life without parole?
  6. Pro-choice. Can't go pro-life for as long as women can potentially get pregnant as a result of rape.
  7. Destiny exists, but it can only take us so far; eventually we have decisions to make for ourselves.
  8. Morals clearly are relative. Ever watch that "Taboo" show? That proves it right there.
  9. Who cares? Both are delicious.
  10. Has to. The world can't just be strings of good and bad luck. God may not watch over the universe like a manager watches over the day shift, but there's got to be something God-like out there. At least I certainly hope so!

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