Thursday, November 20, 2008

Daily Did-You-Know 11/20/2008

Today we look at seven famous hoaxes from the annals (tee hee) of American history. Some of these are goodies, and all of them have links to Wikipedia or Snopes pages with more information if you somehow get particularly interested. Which you might do.

1842 - The Feejee Mermaid

P.T. Barnum was responsible for making the world believe mermaids were real, but his version of the mermaid corpse, which was like half-monkey and half-fish, doesn't look anything like Disney's Ariel, who's like the hottest redhead I've ever seen outside of Isla Fisher.

1869 - The Cardiff Giant

The corpse of a ten-foot man was found in Great Britain, but stupid people in the 19th century thought the stone statue was a gigantic fossilized dead guy. Clearly, that wasn't the case. Thank goodness we have no forensic technology that can tell the difference between a dead person and rocks!

1911 - The Piltdown Man

More tomfoolery in England. A "Missing Link" skull that was purported to be 500,000 years old ended up aging 50,000 years old. Oops! Added a zero! The skull's jawbone was only a decade old.

1978 - The Human Clone

A science writer wrote that a millionare had made a clone of himself, which obviously never happened. As far as I'm aware there has never been a human clone, unless you count the Governator in "The Sixth Day," which was a crappy movie anyway.

1999 - The Piltdown Chicken

Scientists find a "Missing Link" fossil between lizards and birds, helping to prove evolution. Turns out two fossils had been melded together to create a fancy effect. Now if there was a Piltdown Egg, we could argue which of the two came first.

2000 - Shinichi Fujimura's Rocks

This famous Asian scientist claimed to have discovered stone tools that were over 600,000 years old. Pretty awesome story. Except for the fact that Shinichi buried the tools himself. Looks like he was the tool, am I right?

2000 - The Monster Cat

We've all seen the picture of Snowball at some point, but I'm here to tell you it's Photoshopped. No cat is that big, except my sister's. They eat bacon.

Got any others I'm forgetting? Hit up the comments!

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