Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Did-You-Know 11/17/2008

Okay, so we all know that George Washington is on the $1 bill and Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. See if you can nail down what faces go with the rest of American bills and coins:

(Highlight each line to view the answers).

Penny = Abraham Lincoln
Nickel = Thomas Jefferson
Dime = Franklin Roosevelt
Quarter = George Washington
Half-Dollar = John F. Kennedy

$1 Bill = George Washington
$2 Bill = Thomas Jefferson
$5 Bill = Abraham Lincoln
$10 Bill = Alexander Hamilton
$20 Bill = Andrew Jackson
$50 Bill = Ulysses Grant
$100 Bill = Benjamin Franklin

Also, did you know that are $500 (William McKinley), $1,000 (Grover Cleveland), $10,000 (Salmon P. Chase, the only non-president in the bunch), and $100,000 (Woodrow Wilson) bills in circulation, too? They're used by banks and large businesses, but you won't find them floating around in 7-Eleven cash drawers.


KTrue said...

Did you mean non-presidential in the $500+ crowd?

Neither Franklin nor Hamilton were Presidents.

Extreme Brigs said...

I suppose I did. Why do we lump those guys in with the presidents without thinking? And by "we" I mean "me."