Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh That's Interesting... And Funny!

I'm a big fan of the sort of history you never learned in history class--secrets and coverups that the books keep out to maintain our patriotism for America as kids--so when I bump into some good readin', I feel the need to pass it along, especially when it's hilarious.

My good history readin' sent me to lots of other good readin', so I'm passing that along, too. Be warned that these are very funny yet also crass and vulgar at times. There are definitely some Not Safe For Work words used in these articles, but for the most part they're just extremely interesting and rather funny.

Did you guys know all of this stuff? Even I haven't read through all these yet, but I thought I'd put together a collection for all the time-wasting I'll be doing after this final week of school wraps up!

Enjoy! :)


Five Famous Inventors Who Stole Their Big Idea

Seven Great Men In History (And Why You Should Hate Them)

The 5 Historical Figures Who Died The Weirdest Deaths

The 5 Most Ridiculous Lies You Were Taught in History Class

History’s 7 Most Astounding Sexual Résumés

The 10 Most Insane Medical Practices in History


Five Horrifying Food Additives You’ve Probably Eaten Today

The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World

Movies & Celebrities

Five Awesome Movies Ruined By Last-Minute Changess

Six Least Plausible Jobs Held By Steven Seagal Characters

The 20 Most Bizarre Celebrity Baby Names

Where Aren’t They Now? The 7 Strangest Post-Sitcom Careers

Treason! Eight Celebrities You Won’t Believe Aren’t American


The World’s Most Ridiculous Sports Team Names

Nine Baseball Moments More Wretched Than Steroids

Words & Origins

Nine Words That Don’t Mean What You Think

The Bizarre History of 10 Common Sayings

The Gruesome Origins of Five Popular Fairy Tales

Ten Words or Phrases You Won’t Believe Shakespeare Invented

Bad Asses

The Five Pimpingest Historical Figures

The 5 Most Bad-Ass Presidents in History

The 5 Ballsiest Con Artists of All Time

The 9 Most Bad-Ass Bible Verses

The 5 Biggest Badass Popes

Myths & Urban Legends

Your Mom Lied: Five Common Body Myths Debunked

The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends That Happen to be True

Grab Bag

Seven Insane Conspiracy Theories That Actually Happened

Eight Child Prodigies So Amazing That They’ll Ruin Your Day

The 6 Most Frequently Quoted B.S. Statistics

The 9 Manliest Names in the World

Gay Bigfoot and the 7 Weirdest Mythological Creatures in the World

Five Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed

Six Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Addicted To

The 5 Most Amazing Real-Life MacGuyver Moments

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