Friday, October 21, 2005

Go-Go White Sox!

"It has reached the point in which the people who were scared to put both feet on the bandwagon, even when the team had a 15-game lead in the division and the best record in baseball, these same people are now putting rims on the wagon and filling up the tank with BP Ultimate."
-Scoop Jackson

I realized something the other day when I was doing my weekly shopping at Wal-Mart (Why is there ALWAYS something I need to buy there?): People are wearing Chicago White Sox memorabilia in the Bloomington-Normal area. I suppose this isn’t exactly a life-altering revelation, but in talking to my old college roommate recently, we agreed that we NEVER saw anyone wearing Sox caps and shirts in Central Illinois previous to the success of this year’s team. Literally everyone in these parts is either a fan of the Cubs or the Cardinals. Suddenly this year, the year when the Sox appear in their first World Series since 1919, everyone’s a believer.

I complain because I rooted for this team when they were GARBAGE (which is essentially my entire life—even in 2000, when they had the second-best record in baseball, they got swept in the first round by Seattle. They suck, always have). It was the same thing with the Bulls a few months ago. They get into the playoffs and “fans” start believing it’s Jordan all over again. I revel in this year’s White Sox team’s success (as well as that of the Bulls) because I watched them absolutely embarrass themselves, and it’s nice for the change of pace.

Lyle Mutoun? Craig Grebeck? Ron frickin’ Karkovice???

All of this aside, it’s absolutely wonderful to see your favorite team in the World Series. I watch it every year no matter who’s playing, just because it’s always fun baseball to watch. However, it’s a different story altogether when your own squad is in the mix. You get to sit on the couch and whoop and yell every time someone does something good (or bad). This is magic, people! I feel the way I do after someone close to me passes away—it’s like I know it’s happened, but I can hardly believe it! I mean, even ESPN is finally giving us some national coverage and analyzing, when previously every spare baseball minute was devoted to A-Rod, Derek Jeter, and the Yanks vs. Red Sox rivalry (They say that Derek Jeter looks like what would happen if The Rock had sex with a Muppet). This is it, and it’s about time!

What a magical team. My brother and I knew from the minute we traded for Scott Podsednik that this was going to be a fun baseball team to watch! Dale bitched and moaned about having to give up Carlos Lee for him (actually, he still does this regularly—any day where I don’t have to hear him talk about El Caballo is considered a “good day”), but I think now he’s probably okay with it. It’s just a fun group of guys who have had an excellent season and a LOT of lucky breaks.

You know, I gripe about everyone being on the White Sox wagon, but why shouldn’t everyone be? I’d love for the entire city of Chicago to switch from the Wrigleyville Singles-Bar homo-fest in Lincoln Park to the hard-nosed, blue-collar team on 35th. Let’s bring REAL baseball back to The Chi. No more of this playing for profit stuff the Cubs mess around with. Dammit, we’re ready to win something.

So Go-Go White Sox!!!


Erin said...

LOve the SOx its great i agree and the fact that people are jumping on is stupid....i hate followers!!!!~e i hope things are good

CarCar said...

I never understood people complaining about bandwagon jumpers. Isn't it always nice to have people rooting for your team?
I despise the "your not a real fan unless..." mindset. I understand, being a Cubs fan and all, that it has to be a little frustrating thinking about all the effort you put in to cheering on a losing team, and all the heartbreak you suffer... and then seeing people claim the glory of fanhood in a winning season. However, at least they are supporting you. They don't get to feel the satisfaction you feel after living through the tough times. You would think that would be enough.
I was told I wasn't a real Cubs fan because I couldn't name five starting pitchers from ten years ago. That doesn't make me not a fan, that makes me not a boy.
What DOES it take to be the original sacred few on the bandwagon?
oh, yeah. and congratulations to you and your stupid sox. ;)